Enso Models is always looking for fresh new faces. Ready to get scouted and become a model? Great, then you are in the right place!

For model submissions to join us, please use our form on this page or alternatively email us your pictures and information to

But before you apply here is some information and guidelines to help you:

  •   MEN should be at least 182cm tall and WOMEN 172cm and taller
  •   We are looking for potential models from the age of 16
  •   You don’t need to have any previous modelling experience or have an expensive professional portfolio to apply. We want to see you naturally.
  •   Shoot your photos outdoors against a white wall in natural daylight but not direct sunlight
  •   Remember we are looking for natural, so no makeup or hair product please
  •   Do wear simple form-fitting clothing, we need to see your proportions
  •   We need 4 pictures: a headshot (from neck up), mid-length smiling (from the waist up please smile), full length (feet included) and profile (which is side on)

Don’t be shy. Every model has a story, and this could be the start of yours. Tell us why you want to be a model? As much as your look is important, your personality and attitude are just as important.

Have fun with this, get a friend or parent to take some pictures. If you don’t try, you will never know… You might just be the next supermodel.

We will view your images, discuss them, and if your submission is successful, we will get back to you.

Good luck!

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